Financial Fitness For Life


Do you wish to work for money or money to work for you? If your answer is the latter, then this course is for you. It is designed to create a wealthy mindset and attract true wealth. 



  • Understanding the proven principles the wealthy use to create infinite wealth
  • How to stop working for money and let money work for you
  • How to create a personal road to financial freedom
  • Discover the different ways to create wealth—and how you use your strengths to optimize them
  • Understanding why 95% of new business never last past 5 years
  • How to invest with other people’s money
  • Strategies to avoid common mistakes investors make
  • How to choose the right type of investment for you
  • Succession plan
  • Simulations of the real world in each module
  • Learn, then remove the ‘L’


If you approach our training today with an open mind, a desire to learn and you are focused on creating a better life for yourself and your family, you are going to get so much out of this program which is designed for you. You might look back at this program as one of the best investments of time you ever made.

Personal finance management begins and ends with your financial education. Whether you wish to eliminate debt, wish to change bad spending habits, want extra money to start investing, or to accumulate wealth, your level of success can only be determined by your financial education. The keyword in that statement is you, the choices you make determine your success. And you may not believe it, but you have choices available every day.

Unfortunately, financial education is not taught in our schools and institutions. The result of this is that we produce well-educated graduates with zero money skills that can be beneficial to them. Our society instills bad money habits in us from childhood through the simple act of observing our surroundings. The consequence of this is that most adults struggle with money until retirement. 

Worse still, many personal finance courses available are rooted in the traditional way of thinking which has an underlying assumption of the industrial age. So much has changed yet the same teaching goes on. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we see very little change in those who attend such courses. 

The fundamental problems which are not addressed by traditional courses are broken down into two parts:

  1. Programmed mindset from childhood – A child who is blocked from learning money topics by default is raised to be a spender because that is all they observe around them. From a visit to a shop with parents at age two or three to TV & radio adverts, billboards, talks with friends and so on. It eventually becomes a habit that they will naturally struggle with in adulthood.

  2. Illogical teachings from the traditional view that do not make sense – When we talk about financial literacy, what comes into most adults’ minds is ‘savings’. We have been programmed to view ‘savings’ as a degree of understanding money. However, how many wealthy people do you know of who accumulated their wealth through savings? And if these wealthy people didn’t accumulate their wealth through savings, do you think you will be different?


This program for adults is designed to tackle both mentioned problems. A lot of focus is put into challenging how adults have been programmed and the consequences of the subconscious mind accepting those programs. The goal is to open the mind, to challenge oneself through consciousness, and to get the mind to be open to new ways of looking at things. After this, the education on money, entrepreneurship, and investments comes in but with a very different approach that will earn adults the financial freedom they wish for.




FINANCIAL MINDSET (25% weighting)

  • Who are you?
  • Power of the mind
  • Subconscious and conscious mind
  • How to create wealth using your conscious mind.
  • Transform your life! Train your mind to accomplish anything. 

MONEY MANAGEMENT (45% weighting)

  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Cash flow quadrant 
  • The three (3) types of cash flows & where to focus
  • Types of earnings & where to focus 
  • Dreamers money cycle of money
  • Goals, goal setting, and the mind
  • Banks are brokers 
  • CRB & credit  
  • Using other people’s money to build wealth

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (20% weighting)

  • Skills & mindset of an entrepreneur
  • Generating business ideas
  • Business canvas
  • Strategic thinking for any business
  • Business plan
  • Financial Statements
  • Financing your business

INVESTMENTS (10% weight)

  • The mindset of an investor
  • Basic rules for investing
  • Investments that can make you wealthy 
  • Succession Plan

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