Financial Fitness For Life


Do you wish to work for money or money to work for you? If your answer is the latter, then this course is for you. It is designed to create a wealthy mindset and attract true wealth. 



  • Understanding the proven principles the wealthy use to create infinite wealth
  • How to stop working for money and let money work for you
  • Discover the different ways to create wealth—and how you use your strengths to optimize them
  • How to invest with other people’s money
  • Strategies to avoid common mistakes investors make
  • Simulations of the real world in each module
  • Learn, then remove the ‘L’


I would like you to think about the retirees upcountry who had prime jobs during their working days. How well are they doing during their retirement? The reality is that most of them are struggling financially. There are a number of reasons for this but the main one is that we have been raised with a society that has ignored introducing or discussing money topics from a tender age. Even our schools and institutions don’t teach it. This lack of basic financial education leaves many young adults clueless about how to manage their money, how to differentiate between good and bad credit, how to grow wealth and so on. To see the trap that most youths fall into, think of people who became rich through their skills or talents as youths, then fast forward to today. 

The truth is, our society programs the youth to believe they already know it all. Worse yet, these programs are very unhealthy. For example, how come most youth dream of owning a big car and not a property to rent out? That is why most youths won’t consider even watching a YouTube video on the same. The point they miss out on is that money management is not just an ordinary skill, but a life skill because money is a commodity one needs for the rest of their lives. And if it is a life skill, it should be treated like other life skills. You don’t become skilled in football by watching matches for many years, you have to go to the pitch and apply what you learn. And this is where this program comes in. It takes you through key teachings that will result in healthy money habits that are different from the programs installed in your subconscious mind that lead retired people to struggle financially. We have even created simulations to apply what you learn in the field to nurture this skill.  

So cultivating positive habits and good personal finance is a quality you will use and appreciate over your entire life. You will also be grateful for it as you become a financially independent adult.

Personal finance management begins and ends with your financial education. Your level of financial success can only be determined by your financial education. The keyword in that statement is you, the choices you make determine your success. 



FINANCIAL MINDSET (25% weighting)

  • Who are you?
  • Power of the mind
  • Subconscious and conscious mind

MONEY MANAGEMENT (45% weighting)

  • Assets & Liabilities
  • Cash flow quadrant 
  • The three (3) types of cash flows & where to focus
  • Dreamers money cycle of money
  • Goals, goal setting, and the mind
  • Deposit-Taking Institutions 
  • Good and Bad borrowing  
  • Using other people money to build wealth

ENTREPRENEURSHIP (20% weighting)

  • Skills & mindset of an entrepreneur
  • Generating business ideas
  • Business canvas
  • Strategic thinking for any business
  • Business plan
  • Financing your business

INVESTMENTS (10% weighting)

  • The mindset of an investor
  • Basic rules for investing
  • Investments that can make you wealthy



Starting Date:                                   1st March 2021

Days:                                                   Mondays and Wednesdays

Time:                                                   6PM – 7PM

Delivery Method:                          Zoom Platform


Total Number of Classes:            40

Total Investments:        Kes 20,000 (Introduction Special Fee)

Charges per Class:          Kes 500

Deposit:                               Kes 2,000

Balance:                             Pay a min of KES 4,000 monthly but clear the balance by the 32rd class.



Pay Bill No:        4033259

Account No:  Name of Person Paying


Bank :                                   Standard Chartered

Account Name :                Dromer Ltd

Account Number :            0102486983300

Branch :                              Kenyatta Avenue

Account :                            Child’s Name

NB:      Send the confirmed message or receipt to +254777323810 or email

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Enrolled: 21 students
Duration: 40hours
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